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5 easy steps to creating an effective landing page 10th November 2017

5 easy steps to creating an effective landing page

If designed correctly, landing pages can be a great tool for converting potential customers. However, they can be both costly and time-consuming to get right. There are benefits to having bespoke landing pages designed and developed specifically for your business but many businesses just can’t afford the high costs. Today, we’ll discuss how to create landing pages that boost client numbers and close sales at little to no cost.


What is a Landing Page?

First, we will define what a landing page is and is not. Technically, a landing page is any page that serves as the entry point to your website. Users might land on a page through Google SERPS or a link that you have shared on social media. Take your home page for example. If a user comes to your website through Google’s organic search results, the first page they are likely to ‘land on’ is your home page.


However, homepages serve a more general purpose to the landing pages we are discussing here today. Your home page will have links to other pages and may display information related to the products or services you offer.


You should use landing pages with one of two goals in mind; to collect leads or increase sales. To achieve either of these goals, your landing page should standalone from the rest of your website. More exactly, the page should not include any links leading to other parts of your website. In doing so, you remove distractions and focus the user on completing the objective of your campaign.



Creating your landing pages

Now that we have defined what a landing page is, let’s discuss how you can create them yourself to start converting clients.


Ontra Landing Pages


Step 1

Firstly, you’ll need to sign up for an OntraPages account. Ontrapages a free landing page creation tool. The great thing is that the free account allows you to create up to 10 landing pages; perfect for businesses that have just started and don’t have large marketing budgets. Also, their premium package is fairly cheap at only $99 per year.


Step 2


Once you have created an account you’ll be taken to your dashboard. The landing pages that you have created will show up here. Seeing as you have just signed up, this page will be blank. Go ahead and click the button to create a new landing page.


Step 3


Select one of the templates from the list provided. I have crossed out the ‘Start from Scratch’ option, I’ll come back to it at the end of this blog. However, if you want to have a play around with creating your own, feel free.


Step 4

After you have selected the template that you want you’ll want to make a few adjustments. Firstly you’ll need to edit the text on the page for your campaign. Pay close attention to the header and sub-header. Get these wrong and you will lose potential leads. You will want to write your header and sub-header so that it reinforces the purpose of your campaign.


Secondly, as we’ve mentioned previously, you should remove all social links as well as any other links not directly related to the landing pages purpose.




If the template you have chosen has a footer section like this one, delete it as well.


footer remove



Step 5

Once you have tweaked the landing page to your liking you can go ahead and click the publish button at the top right corner of the screen.




You’ll be asked to create a domain for the particular landing page you are working on. If you want to use your own domain rather than an Ontrpages subdomain, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account.


There we have it. You have created your first landing page. Now go and share a link to your website and social media accounts or wherever you do your marketing to start gaining leads and pushing your products.


If you decide to go down the route of creating custom landing pages with Ontrapages or would just like to learn more. I highly recommend taking this free course from Unbounce, another landing page creation tool. This is an 11 part course that takes a detailed look at creating high-converting landing pages from scratch.