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Public Domain Images & Video for Web Development (Updated 2018) 21st September 2017

Public Domain Images & Video for Web Development (Updated 2018)

When I first started out building websites, I was never quite sure where to find high-quality stock images or video I could use for free. At the time I wasn’t that great with my camera either (I’ve since got better). However, even if you are a proficient photographer, the opportunity is not always there to capture a specific picture.


Clients don’t always have the budget for us to provide photography services on top of developing their website. For that reason, we have curated this list of the best places to source public domain stock images & video for your websites, social media channels and marketing strategies.


(Update 2018)

Something that I have recently discovered which is super useful is the ability to sort Google images by usage rights. I did not know this feature existed and has made finding images for commercial use so much easier.





Practically all the images sorted in this way are from websites already mentioned in this post, this method just takes less time.


Step 1: Search for your desired image

Step 2:  Select tools (if you’re using mobile scroll the menu under search to find ‘labeled for reuse’)

Step 3: Select ‘Labeled for reuse’ in the drop down menu if you need images for commercial purposes.



Stock Images

Stock Images and Video for Web Development

Stock Images

    1. Pixabay – Stock Images

      Pixabay deserves the first mention in this list. It is a fantastic resource for stock images and the only one to make this list that also provides vector graphics & illustrations. It’s not a requirement to sign up either but it is recommended to avoid the Google captcha. Each image is also available in a variety of formats too.



    1. Unsplash

      This is another great website for sourcing high-res stock images for your development. It is very easy to navigate and find the images you want. As with Pixabay, you are not required to sign in to download the photos.  However, you can only download the image in one size so you’ll have to do any resizing yourself.



    1. Death to Stock Photo

      DTSP was one of the first websites I came across that offered free high-res stock images to use in my web designs. There is, however, a major difference between it and the previous two websites. DTSP does offer a subscription service which will cost you around $15 a month or roughly £11.50 at the time of writing.

      You can get your hands on the images without paying by signing up to their email subscription. By doing this they’ll send you a ‘photo pack’ every month, containing around 15 pictures. You won’t be able to browse through all their collections if you don’t have a paid subscription. You also won’t necessarily receive any pictures you have any use for but the images are awesome.


    2. Gratisography

      I stumbled upon this website while I was doing a bit of research for this blog post. The pictures here are free to use on your website and social media channels. Amazingly they have all been taken by the one photographer, Ryan McGuire. The images he captures are stunning so I thought I would provide a link to his own personal site as well.




Stock  Video

    1. Pixabay – Stock Video

      Not only do Pixabay offer a great selection of high-res stock photos, they also provide hours of video content that you are free to use on your website.


    1. Videezy

      Videezy is another great source for video content if you can’t find what you are looking for elsewhere. Some of the content on this website requires attribution so read the license that accompanies the videos.



    1. Pexels

      Pexels is also a great place to source content for a website, marketing campaign or social media channel. You can also source some great stock images in addition to video.


Paid options

If you find an image or video on the above websites and can afford it, consider a donation. If not here are some websites with a larger library of content available.


Finally, If you are still unable to find the content you’re looking for maybe you require some made to order content. Digital Punks provide photography and videography services to create your own unique content. Get in touch

*The resources listed are based on our own opinion. Where Digital Punks provides lists of best resources, we remain impartial.