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The end of Youtube 29th January 2018

State of Video in 2018: Is this the END of Youtube?

You may find it hard to ever conceive the idea that Youtube’s dominance may come to an end. However time and time again Youtube does something to anger its community. […]

video host platform 17th October 2017

Why Hosting Your Own Videos Can Harm Conversion Rates

Adding visuals to your website or blog posts can certainly add value to your content. Using video on your site will likely increase the engagement rate amongst your users. However, […]

video hosting platform

Which Video Hosting Platform Should Your Business Use

We have so many options to choose from when it comes to deciding which video hosting platform to use. We could upload every video we make to each platform but […]

stock image featured 21st September 2017

Public Domain Images & Video for Web Development (Updated 2018)

When I first started out building websites, I was never quite sure where to find high-quality stock images or video I could use for free. At the time I wasn’t […]

video marketing 23rd August 2017

Utilizing The power of video for marketing your business

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. So, can you really afford not to be utilising the power of video when it comes to promoting your business? With […]